Can and Should you Keep Car Parts when scrapping your car?

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If you’ve finally decided to get rid of your junk car by scrapping it, you might be hit by a question: Should you keep the parts or not?

If you keep the parts and sell them separately, there is a chance you can sell them for a better price. But at the same time, you might wonder how much it will profit you or whether it’s allowed to begin with. Find the answer to all your questions in this article.

Can you keep car parts when scrapping your car?

Well, it’s your car, so you can choose to keep some of the parts if you want. You might be worried if scrap yards or car wreckers will buy your car if they notice many of the valuable parts missing. The answer is that most of them definitely will.

Wreckers take cars in virtually any condition and don’t care about how many parts there are. Their eyes are usually on the amount of metal they can get out of the car when they dismantle and work on recycling it. Scrap yards will also not care about what parts are there and what not.

And the reason why they won’t care is, of course, because the fewer intact parts your car has, the lesser its value becomes. So they won’t have to pay you much in exchange for it, compared to when the car still had those parts on. They will judge the value based on what you have left of the vehicle. The value may or may not be drastically different.

car parts dunedin

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Should you keep car parts when scrapping your car?

That’s more up to you. There are some scenarios where it might be more financially beneficial to keep certain parts of your car before sending it to a scrap yard. For example-

  • If there are parts that are damaged only a little and you have the required skills to repair them by yourself without having to spend anything, then it can be beneficial to keep them.
  • If there are parts that you have recently spent money on repairing and are now fully intact, then you can keep them. There is a better chance of it selling at a higher price individually than when taken into account with the whole car.

Tips for keeping car parts when scrapping it

If you’ve decided to keep some parts of your car before scrapping it, here are some things to keep in mind-

  • Call your local scrapyard and talk with them about the value of your car with and without the parts and the parts separately. Do some maths and determine which route gives you more in the long run.
  • Only keep the parts still in good condition and have a high demand in the market—for example, catalytic converter, transmission, etc. Avoid parts like mirrors and tyres as most people prefer to buy those from scrapyards than online sellers.
  • Have a proper idea about the value of your car without the parts, and don’t settle for any scrapyard that offers you a much lesser amount.

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