Why Scrapping is Superior to Selling a Car Piece by Piece?

Wear and tear is the worst thing that can happen to a well-maintained vehicle. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it, as it’s a natural process that every car goes through. So, when your vehicle does start to deteriorate a bit too much, you should look to sell it off to a used-car dealership or look towards selling your vehicle to a scrap yard.

If you want, you can try to sell components separately and make cash for cars. But is that the best way to earn more money from selling your old car? Is selling your vehicle off to car wreckers a better choice?

Here we will tell you exactly why scrapping your car is better than selling it off piece by piece or selling it to dealerships.

Practical and Quickest Way

You might earn a few more dollars selling car components separately, but you would require more time to do such a thing. The first thing would be to find valid customers through ads, establish a customer base and decide on a price. Then, you would need to proceed with the same process for countless different vehicle components.

When you use a car removal service, you sell the vehicle in one piece and let the scrap yard do all the sorting and selling. The car wreckers who buy your car post its pictures or strip it off of parts to sell to potential customers. These places have an established clientele, which means you don’t have to deal with hagglers, negotiators, and people who are there to waste your time.

Moreover, with scrappers, the entire process of selling off your vehicle is quite easy. You can obtain a free quote within a few minutes, and if you like the price, you can ask the wreckers to pick up your vehicle from your porch and take it back to the scrap yard. Once the car is taken away, you are provided with the agreed-upon sum. The entire process is quick and efficient!

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We have been helping the Otago, Southland, and Canterbury regions for over a decade now with recycling their unwanted vehicles.

Paid for the weight

If your car is in an extremely dilapidated condition and you think it is not worth selling, you can look at car wreckers who buy vehicles based on their weight.

After all, the vehicle’s shell is made of metal and can be recycled without any problem. Even the plastic, leather, and other components, within the car are sellable. If you want to go this route, you can earn a lot of good money for your old vehicle. Not only will you get cash for parts, but also the chassis!

So, if you are looking for a quick, efficient, and profitable way to dispose of your old car, look no further than scrappers.


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