11 Cheapest Car Parts to Purchase from Wreckers Near You

11 Cheapest Car Parts to Purchase from Wreckers Near You

The best thing about buying car parts from wreckers is that they have a huge and diverse inventory and are incredibly cheap compared to brand-new ones, though often of similar quality. You can find virtually every part you need at the wreckers’. This article will show you some of the cheapest ones out there.

Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are a must if you live in a country where it rains frequently. You will need it to drive during the rain, so having a broken one won’t do. You can find them for a low price from wreckers near you.

Door handle

A door handle can break off for various reasons. But lucky for you, it’s one of the cheapest car parts out there, especially when it’s a used part.

Door hinge

Accidents can cause your door hinge to get damaged. Having a non-functional door hinge can be serious because it might open by itself when driving. But no worries, car wreckers always have door hinges available for being bought at a low price.


If your rear-view mirror or side-view mirrors are broken or stolen, you must get new ones immediately. New mirrors can be a little expensive, but used ones are way more affordable and provide more or less the same function as a new one.

11 Cheapest Car Parts to Purchase from Wreckers Near You

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Hood latch

Facing hood latch problems is common. And when you need to get new ones, you have to make sure it’s of the same make and model as your car, as every hood latch is made differently despite the same mechanism. Car wreckers have a huge collection to boast, with much diversity. So you’ll find a hood latch easily there and for a low price too.

Bumper bracket

You need a functional bumper bracket to hold the bumper with your car. If the bracket is damaged, then your bumper may fall off. These bumper brackets are also one of the cheapest used parts out there.

Headlight bracket

Just like the bumper bracket, the headlight bracket exists to keep the headlights attached to your car. Buying new ones can be fairly expensive, but it’s highly affordable to buy from wreckers.

Strut mount

The strut mount attached your car’s suspension strut to it. A failed strut mount can lead to steering response problems and issues with shock absorbers and tyres. Getting it replaced by car wreckers is a good choice.

Window motor

You need the window motor to raise and lower the window. It’s an important part and, luckily, quite cheap when bought used from car wreckers.

Wheel rims

One of the most important car parts is the wheel rims. They’re literally why your wheels can rotate and move your car forward. But they get damaged and need replacement every once in a while. Getting new ones can be expensive, so you can always buy from wreckers.


Buying used tyres from wreckers is not always encouraged, but they’re certainly very affordable. So you can use them temporarily if you don’t have money in your hand right now.


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