Why Do We Need Car Wrecking Services in New Zealand?

why do we need car wreckers

When selling old vehicles, the first name that might pop into your mind is “wreckers.” There are so many obvious benefits to selling your vehicle to them. But there are many places in New Zealand where car wrecking services are still not that widely available. So in this article, we will take a look at why it should be.

Who are car wreckers, and what do they do?

To put it simply, car wreckers buy cars and wreck them. They buy old, junk, accident-damaged, or deregistered vehicles at a fair price. You can sell your used car to a buyer or trade it for a new one, but selling it won’t be easy if it’s not in good condition. With car wreckers, you don’t have to worry because they’ll buy anything.

What do car wreckers do with the car? They dismantle the vehicle and separate the parts that are still intact to resell them. What’s left of the car is recycled in a complex but careful way. In this way, car wreckers buy old cars in exchange for quick cash, resell the intact parts, and recycle the rest.

There are so many advantages to having available car wrecking services near you. Let’s check some of them out.

Car wreckers take all types of vehicles

This is the best thing about car wreckers. They don’t care about the model, the age, or the condition of the car. Suppose you’re worried you won’t get any value out of your damaged car or a car that’s no longer relevant. In that case, you can rest assured that car wreckers will offer you value for it because they will judge the car based on how valuable metal and intact parts it has.

They give instant cash

If you’re in need of some emergency money and have a vehicle that you don’t need anymore, then car wreckers are the best people to go to. If you give them a call in the morning, you’ll have the cash in your hand by lunchtime. All they need to do is inspect the value of your vehicle, and there will be no going back and forth.

why do we need car wreckers

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There is no hassle

Selling your car to a buyer is a long and tedious process because you’ll have to do everything yourself. Putting up the photo, setting a price, meeting potential buyers, negotiating, and so much more.

But that’s not the case with car wreckers. Aside from choosing a company and contacting them, there is virtually nothing more you have to do other than wait. They’ll come and take your car and pay you. You won’t even have to pay the towing fees if it’s a good company!

It’s an environment-friendly decision

Do you know that all licensed car wrecking companies are obliged to recycle your vehicle in the most environment-friendly way? All the intact parts of your vehicle will be resold. The toxic chemicals will be properly disposed of.

And what’s left of the metal will be recycled properly. In this way, car wreckers and you can contribute to conserving the valuable and limited resources used in auto production!


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