Pothole Damage to Your Car – What Should You Do?

car driving on bad road cracked and damaged

A big thud when you drive over a pothole is never a good sign for your vehicle. If this happens too frequently, chances are that the suspension gets some damage, the rims twist out of shape, or something bad happens to the tires.

Therefore, it is advisable to drive over potholes slowly, especially if they are bigger than a few feet. But if you can’t drive slowly, you should at least check the car’s vital systems afterwards to ensure everything is in order.

Here are the three components you should inspect:

Check the Tires

The tires are the first to take the impact from a pothole, and so they are likely to be the most affected as well. If you see any irregular bumps on the tire surface or any cracks and bulges, chances are the tire has lost its integrity and must be replaced with a new one.

Even if there aren’t any visible signs of damage, the tire could still lose its strength, and it should be shown to a professional. You should continue with your current tires only if the professional approves them, otherwise, you could sell them off to several car wreckers.

car driving on bad road cracked and damaged

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Inspect The Suspension System

The tires transfer all their load to the suspension system, which does the extremely important job of absorbing the force of the impact. When you go over a pothole, the suspension system contracts. Once you have passed the pothole, it returns back to its place, making the ride comfortable. However, there is a limit to the amount of force the struts can handle. If you go past that limit, the suspension, steering and other components connected with the tire go out of shape.

You should look for oil leaks, listen to sounds, and test the steering wheel functionality. If all of these are as before, there is nothing to worry about. However, if any of the three facets are not working as usual, you should go straight to a mechanic or call a car removal service and get cash for the cars.

Examine Your Wheels

The suspension system and the tires aside, the rims also face some impact when you go over the potholes. If the bump is too big and you go over it at high speeds, the force of the impact could destroy the rim shape. The car would start to wobble and vibrate. In the worst case, it could bend or crack completely, making your vehicle completely undrivable.


You should always focus on your driving and never go over potholes deliberately. If you do go over some during your drive, you should inspect the vital components or take your car to a professional for an in-depth analysis. If some parts are damaged, you can always contact a scrap yard and ask for the relevant spare parts.


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