Tips To Prolong the Life of Your Car Battery

car battery

All the major components in a vehicle are meant to make your life easier. The car battery is one of those components, as it helps start up the vehicle for you, while also powering up the headlights and other vital parts. If the battery dies, you are in deep trouble, as your car becomes almost undrivable without a working one.

Luckily, if you follow the maintenance tips below, your car battery will never go flat and give you unnecessary trouble.

1. Clean the Connectors

The battery has two terminals that transfer electricity to the vehicle. These connectors can be a victim of corrosion, especially when you don’t pay enough attention to the battery. If the terminals are left unattended rust can develop there, causing problems with electricity transfer and voltage within the vehicle.

Luckily, you can prevent this by regularly cleaning the terminals with slightly acidic water. You could use battery fluid for the same effect or a mixture of water and baking soda. If you do this once a year, the battery terminals will never corrode and lose their integrity.

car battery

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2. Keep the Battery Charged

If the battery has to work at its optimum level, it must be fully charged at all times. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about this since the generator and alternator are constantly working in the background to prevent the battery levels from depleting. But if any of these two components fail, or the connectors become loose, the battery does not get a full charge and you face problems.

Therefore, once you see signs of a low battery, you should immediately take your car to a mechanic and ask them to check the relevant components. If the battery has died, you have the choice to go to car wreckers and get a slightly used one for your vehicle. At a scrap yard, people get cash for cars and so they call a car removal service to get rid of their old vehicles. Most of the time, these vintage automobiles have relatively new parts, like batteries that you can use to your advantage.

3. Maintain Temperature

Heat is the biggest enemy of a car battery but so is cold. But extreme cold temperatures are a rarity, especially if you live in an area where winter days are scarce. On the other hand, heat is abundant and it can affect your car’s batteries to a great extent. Therefore, you should look for places with shade to park your vehicle. Otherwise, your car could get some serious damage.

4. Inspect Battery Fluid Levels

Conventional lead-acid batteries require a frequent supply of battery fluid to work optimally. If you have one of those in your vehicle, you should inspect the fluid levels at constant intervals. Otherwise, the battery could go flat and cause trouble for you. Alternatively, you could think about investing in a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are maintenance-free and they last much longer than the conventional kind.

5. Get The Battery Tested

Everything has a lifespan and car batteries are no exception. If your vehicle has very old batteries, chances are they are going to go flat soon. So, you should get them tested by a professional, especially if you feel a drop in performance. If the test comes out negative, you can promptly change

the battery and make your life a bit easier. However, if the battery turns out to be working fine, you should stay put and come in for the test at a later date.


If you follow the simple steps we discussed, your car battery would never go flat. Also, the steps would extend the battery’s lifespan multiple folds.

The batteries are extremely essential to your car’s well-being, and they are easy to maintain. So, you must pay attention to your vehicle and try your best to extend the life of the car’s battery.


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