Is it cheaper to buy parts from a dealership?

Your car might have some parts that are damaged and don’t function properly anymore. Sometimes, repairing them is impossible, so you will have to replace those parts. You will have to find the exact part of the same make and model. There are many places where you can buy auto parts. The price is one of the main factors when choosing where to buy it.

Your first thought might be to buy the auto parts from a dealership. But will it be cheaper compared to your other options? Read this article to find out.

Is it cheaper to buy parts from a dealership?

The answer is no; it’s not cheaper to buy parts from a dealership. On the contrary, it’s one of the most expensive options. Sometimes it can be even more costly than purchasing auto parts from an auto parts store.

There are some rare cases when buying from a dealership might be comparatively less expensive, but the likelihood is very low. So if the price is what you’re looking at and you’re within a small budget, then buying from a dealership isn’t a good option.

Should you buy car parts from a dealer?

You buy parts from a dealership called OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Though they are very expensive compared to aftermarket and specially used parts, they come with a one-year warranty. So you won’t have to worry about needing parts again anytime soon.

However, the parts from the aftermarket (not sourced from the car’s maker) are less expensive but often of the same quality as OEM parts. There is also more variety in the aftermarket since hundreds of companies make parts. If you buy used parts from a scrap yard or car wreckers, you will also find the same varied and large inventory level.

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However, OEM parts will usually be made of better quality materials, so “you get what you paid for.” In addition, since the manufacturer makes OEM parts, you won’t have to go through a huge, overwhelming selection of parts while choosing. And since the parts are the same as the ones you are replacing, they will be compatible with your vehicle.

From this discussion, it’s evident that there are pros and cons to everything. If you’re willing to spend a lot of extra money in exchange for remaining worry-free for years to come, you should go to a dealer. But if you prioritize your budget more, that should be your last choice.

Where can you find the lowest price on car parts?

Naturally, the cheapest car parts are used parts. They are inexpensive compared to parts you buy from a dealer or auto parts shop. You can find used parts from scrap yards and car wreckers. You will usually be able to find any amount you need there.

Most of the time, the quality of these parts won’t be nearly as good as parts from the aftermarket or dealerships. They are used parts, after all. But if you’re lucky, you might be able to find the part you need in top condition.


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