Where to find cheap auto parts in Dunedin?

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One of the drawbacks of having a vehicle of your own is that, at times, it’s bound to get damaged. Whether from an accident or simply because it’s old, there might be parts of the vehicle that break down or stop working. In such cases, instead of getting the whole car repaired, it’s a financially wiser choice just to get the damaged parts replaced.

For that, you will have to find the corresponding auto part for your vehicle. You can then remove the old parts and replace them with new ones. However, these auto parts are. If you are in Dunedin, NZ, there are some great places where you can find cheap auto parts.

How to find cheap auto parts in Dunedin?

If you want to find a car part, you can always go to an auto parts store. These stores have a collection of brand-new parts that will stay intact for a long time. However, these new parts tend to be expensive, sometimes nearly unaffordable. Moreover, the inventory is quite limited. So if your car is an old or uncommon model, there is a good chance you won’t find it in any typical auto parts store.

toyota hilux dunedin

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So, how can you find auto parts for a lower price? The best place to go is a scrap yard. Car wreckers are an essential part of the automotive ecosystem because you can find a vast variety of cars there. You might think that junk yards are for cars that no longer work and are completely trashed. While it’s true that these cars don’t work anymore, it’s important to keep in mind that very few of these cars are trashed.

Most of them will still have many parts that are intact and can be used for much longer. You can take advantage of that and get the missing part from there. Since there are many vehicles in a yard, even if your car is of a less common model, there’s a good chance you’ll find it there for sure.

And since these are all used parts instead of brand-new ones, they will obviously cost much less. Even if these parts don’t last as long as the new ones, you can always come back in search of that part again. It’s better to spend less at a time but more often than a lot at once.

Find cheap auto parts in Dunedin.

Finding auto parts for a low price is no big deal. All you have to do is know the model of your vehicle and the part you need, then find the exact part from that same model. A different model may work in some cases, but it’s very rare.

Once you find the part, you can buy it and then hire a mechanic to replace it for you. Some parts are pretty easy to replace, so you might be able to do it yourself. This will save you more money.


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