Can You Scrap A Car With No Engine In It?

Can You Scrap A Car With No Engine In It?

For whatever reason, your car may now be without an engine.

Which is more or less useless, so you might be thinking of scrapping it.

But since the engine is the main part of a car, you might be wondering if any car wreckers near you will buy it. Well, all your questions will be answered in this article.

Do scrap yards take cars with no engines?

Of course, most scrap yards will take cars with no engine in them. That’s what scrap yards are for — they will take your car or whatever is left of your car. As long as there is something left, it has a value attached to it because of the metal and the parts that are still intact. So there is no reason why they wouldn’t take it.

However, when you call up multiple scrap yards and inform them that your car has no engine, there might be a few who refuse to take your car or just show a general reluctance towards it. In that case, you can just ignore them. Scrap yards who have been in the profession for a long and know the market well will usually not refuse a car without an engine.

Will the value of your car reduce without an engine?

Naturally, the value of your scrap car will decrease without the engine. In fact, it will decrease significantly by several dollars. This is because the engine is one of the most expensive and valuable parts of a car. Even an engine that is faulty bears almost half the total value of a car.

Can You Scrap A Car With No Engine In It?

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This is also another reason why some scrap yards won’t show much willingness to take a car without an engine. They will offer you a low price for it for sure, but that’s also because they won’t gain much from it either. A car without an engine is like a pizza without bread.

What if you sell the engine separately?

This is a good option, actually.

There are some cases in which, if you sell the engine separately, you might make a bigger profit than when you sell it with the car.

When scrap yards take the whole vehicle into account, they might reduce the value a little from each part to round it up to something affordable for them. But there is little scope for that for an individual part.

Besides, you don’t have to go to a scrap yard to sell engines. If the engine is still mostly functional, there are places you can sell it for a way better price.

You might even get buyers who are looking for used engines because new ones are too expensive. In that case, you can negotiate a price by yourself. That won’t be much of a loss if it is.

In this case, there is one thing you can do to ensure profit. First, contact as many scrap yards or car wreckers as you can and ask them the price with and without the engine.

After that, you can talk with some dealers or buyers about how much you could sell an engine for as an individual part. Then, do the math and see which route gives you more profit, and go with that.


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