What To Do With a Broken-down Vehicle?


A vehicle can never stay intact forever. Either due to accidents or simply being used for several years, it can get damaged and break down.

Since all vehicles are expensive to buy as well as own, what you should do with a broken-down vehicle can be quite a difficult decision to make. Here is a list of all the options you have and which option is better.

Get it repaired

Your first option is to get the damaged vehicle repaired. But first, you have to decide whether it’s in any condition to be repaired or not, how long it may run well after repair, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment to make.

When the damage is not too much, and the vehicle can still run to a great extent, then repairing it is a good choice.

You can take it to the mechanics to fix it. If only a few parts are damaged, then you can buy those parts and fix them yourself.

You can buy the parts easily from an auto parts store, but that can be expensive, and you may not find the size and model you need easily. Comparatively, scrap yards and car wreckers offer more choices and are cheaper to buy from.

Sell it online

If repairing isn’t going to work, the only option is to sell. Generally, people sell their scrap cars online to buyers who want to get a car at a lower price.

However, then you will first have to repair it if you want to get good value in exchange, which might not be profitable in the end.

Sometimes the damage can be so bad that even if you repair it, it would be a miracle if someone showed interest in buying it.


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Trade it

Trading is also an option, and it’s quite easy too. The dealership will do most of the work for you. You will get some credit for a new car in exchange for your old one. However, dealerships don’t always offer the best prices, especially for damaged cars.

Sell it to a scrapyard

If you can’t sell the car yourself or trade it in, your last resort is to scrap it. There are scrap yards that will be willing to give you cash in exchange for your damaged car, and they usually do not care about how damaged it is.

But the process can be troublesome because most scrap yards won’t come to you to take away your vehicle; you have to take it to them. You may have to hire a tow truck for this.

Sell it to car wreckers

If you’re looking for a good option that is better than scrap yards, then it is undoubtedly a car removal or car wrecker company.

They will buy your damaged car and will pay you based on how many parts are still intact and what model it is.

It is an extremely convenient process because all you have to do is make the call, answer their questions, and be present to take the money.

They will themselves come to your house and take it. But what truly makes it better is the fact that your broken vehicle will be recycled and disposed of in a 100% eco-friendly way. Whereas in a scrap yard, your vehicle will remain unattended and may continue to pollute the environment with leakages.


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