Most Scrapped Car Brands in New Zealand

scrap a car

Every year, hundreds and thousands of vehicles are sent to car wreckers as people look to get cash for cars. When they sell off their old vehicles, new ones take their place and the balance is maintained. But which car brands are being scrapped the most? You should know because that has an impact on parts availability and the cost you would incur in maintaining your car in the future.

Here we will list the most popular scrapped car brands in New Zealand and mention the models that are heavily liked by the common people.

The Average Car Life in New Zealand Is 11.4 Years

The average lifespan of a vehicle in New Zealand is higher than in most other developed nations. A car lasts around 14 years in New Zealand, compared to approximately 11 years in the UK and 12 years in the USA.

The number is high, not because the vehicles here are better maintained or the mechanics do a better job here than in other places, it is because most of the vehicles used in New Zealand are Japanese.

We know that Japanese cars are some of the most reliable ones when you look at the entire industry. So, people do not regularly call car removal services to get rid of their vehicles. But when they do, they do so for extremely dilapidated automobiles.

scrap a car

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The Most Scrapped Car Makes in New Zealand

It is no surprise that the most scrapped car brands in New Zealand are from across the shore. Yes, we are talking about Japanese-made automobiles. These vehicles are the epitome of reliability, and that’s why more people prefer them over other brands. In the most scrapped brands list, the heavy-weight Toyota takes the cake, followed by Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishis and others.


Toyota is by far the most scrapped brand in New Zealand because it is one of the most bought. From this marque, you will find the Toyota Hilux, the Toyota Hiace, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla and other top models in scrap yards. There are so many of them that you can easily find spare parts and components for your vehicle.


The second spot goes to Honda and why wouldn’t it? The New Zealand people love the Civic sedan and the 4WD Honda vehicles a lot. You will find a lot of these in-car graveyards across the nation.


Mazda vehicles are stylish and reliable at the same time, which is why the New Zealand people love to drive them. Unfortunately, the same vehicles we find on the road are destined for scrap yards in the future.


The Mitsubishi Outlander and the Mitsubishi ASX are some of the most popular scrapped and bought cars in New Zealand. The brand enjoys a very favourable position in the NZ market.


Nissan cars are also destined for the scrap yard as there are so many of them on the roads today and there have been countless of them on the roads in the past. Out of all, the Nissan Navara and some Nissan vans are the most to be scrapped.


Subaru vehicles are a bit unique, due to their boxer engines. But that translates negatively since there aren’t many mechanics that can work on these vehicles. As a result, most Subaru vehicles are found in scrap yards rather than on roads.


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